Spiritual life.

                    The focus of Reiki in the main stream Reiki community is often on the
                        healing of others. I want to here really emphasize also the amazing 
                        and extraordinary power of Reiki for self healing and even more so, 
                        the  use  of  this  energy  for  your  spiritual  growth  and  spiritual
                        practice !!!

                        Using  Reiki  on  oneself  continuously  helps  to  lighten  ones  own
                        energy  field  by  releasing  heaviness,  memories,  held  patterns,
                        toxins, etc. and more and more make room for the emerging True 
                        Self, the essence of Being. The Reiki symbols themselves stimulate
                        a process of Spiritual Awakening.

                        As this energy continuously and effortlessly removes all
                        clouding  Realization  and  assists  in  the  ever  deepening  and
                        expanding of it through gentle purification and transformation,
                        eventually leading towards full enlightenment and the freedom
                        that follows. As a journey, a blessed and mystical path indeed !!!