It started of course many lives ago ... but in this life Reiki first
                        began calling on me when I was 11 years old. My two sisters and
                        myself used to draw a lot after school. One of the things we used
                        to do at that  time was to  pretend  we were  writing in  Chinese,
                        symbols that we just made up.  I  remember  drawing  sort  of the
                        same few images over and over.  We  played  at  this  for  months.
                        Later  when  I  was  initiated  into  Reiki  II  and  saw  the  symbols
                        I recognized one of them from the drawings I had done as a kid.

                        In  1992,  in  the  beginning  of  my  spiritual  explorations,  I  found
                        myself in front of a bulletin board at a healthfood store and there
                        was one flyer that really caught my attention. The paper was pink
                        and it only said Reiki, had two dates and a phone number. I didn't
                        know what it was but I knew in my whole being that I was going to
                        do this, whatever it was. I called the number and asked the lady
                        what it was and she said it was about learing how to work with the
                        healing  enegies  from  the  palms  of  your  hands.  I  was  in.

I took Reiki I and Reiki II with two months apart, in the summer and fall of 1992. It was really thrilling and I felt right at home. After the Reiki II class, really immediately after, on my way home from the last day of the class, my clairvoyant sight opened something hugely, which I learned comes with the attunement process for the second level.
I experienced Reiki as a huge benevolent Intelligence in itself, that would direct me to situations where I would be called or asked to do Reiki on something or someone. That went on for years. Soon after the initiations, in February on 1993, I experienced a kundalini awakening, which I have later understood was stimulated by the spiritual initiations I received from the Reiki classes.

I ended up very soon after my first two classes to be asked by a workshop leader to offer my hands and services to people in his big workshop. I was enormously intimidated but felt I had no choice and must go forward even though I was scared beoynd my wits. It led to me working internationally as a healer with clients from all over the world. It was an ever evolving journey of just continuing to be of service to all the things that showed up on my path. I travelled and worked in many places, even though I continued to feel majorly intimidated by all of it.
In 1995, I started being asked by people if I could initiate them into Reiki and I knew the time had come to look into becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.
In the summer of 1995 I started working with a Reiki Master Teacher independently and he said he would initiate me first, then teach me bit by bit over a period of time. I lived in Hawaii at the time. He took me to the rain forest, to a yurt in the midst of thick foliage and huge leaves. It was raining gently, a warm Maui summer rain. He put me on a chair in the middle of this octagon yurt made out of mosquito netting, so I was surrounded by deep nature, and the rain. He performed the Reiki Master attunement and as I opened my eyes afterwards, I felt totally different. As if now I was no longer channelling the Reiki Universal Light, that healing was now coming from inside my cells. It was powerfully different.

I ended up parting ways with this Reiki Master Teacher and soon found someone else who taught Reiki Master classes and I ended up taking her full Reiki Master class in January of 1996. It was good to have received the attunement first and adjusted to it before adding the full training on top of that a bit later.

It took six months after the full class before I felt stable enough to teach my first Reiki class. I had moved to Los Angeles by this time and after the six months people started showing up who wanted to learn Reiki from me. Which is the way it works with Reiki. Graceful flow. I started teaching Reiki I classes and also attune individuals into the Reiki II level. It was very, very sweet each time. Very magical and I received as much as the students did. Which I had heard my teacher say that we would.

My healing practive evolved over the years and I ended up adding many trainings and receiving endless initiations directly from my spirit guides, my angels and directly from Spirit / the Universe, for many years to come. Which ever continued to grow my abilities to open further as a channel and get out of the way even more powerfully. My angels completely direct everything about my healing practice and when I work and with whom. It took a while before I could let go into that but it makes everything also so much easier. I don't have to wonder about anything. The angels take care of everything.

After more than 20 years as a Reiki Master, I continue to experience being led and directed in absolutely all things in life. The Reiki initiation, as a spiritual initiation into a spiritual life, has proven to be an opening into a life I couldn't have imagined in the beginning !!! And it is only continuing.