Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal life force energy. 
                        Learning Reiki is learning how to work with this energy for the 
                        benefit of growing personally, developing spiritually, healing 
                        oneself, healing others, developing an energy work practice and
                        so much more. It is based on an attunement process, initiations, 
                        that activate the flow of Reiki inside of you. 

                     We are all created within our human design with a current of
                        energy that flows from the palms of our hands. It is natural and
                        our instinct tells us to place our hand on a hurt or a place of pain
                        or discomfort in our body, or to touch someone who is in pain or
                        distress. When we add this energy to our life force, our chi, it helps
                        our body and being to restore itself. This energy flowing from our
                        hands can be felt as heat or a tingling. When we start to deliberately 
                        develop this ability we come to experience that this healing blessing
                        can be transmitted also through our eyes, our words and our whole
                        being or all of the above simultaneously. 

                    In the Reiki training we learn to use this healing energy to heal
                       ourselves. It can be a truly wonderous journey of insight and self
                       discovery. It is an energy that very lovingly and gently dissolve old
                       held energy patterns both in the physical body and in the emotional
                       and mental fields. As we begin to allow these held energies to lift
                       away we begin to feel a lightness, renewal, joy and freedom. An
                       amazing transformation begins that can affect all areas of life. It is
                       very normal to begin or deepen ones spiritual world view as one

                       continues with ones journey of self healing.

                    Offering Reiki to others and working with other people and helping
                       them with bettering their well-being, over all health and personal
                       growth is equally as rewarding. A blessing truly in every way. When
                       people come to you for Reiki treatments it will stimulate in them
                       also a more spiritual world view that they will naturally cherish. 

                       As you continue your Reiki training and experience, it is normal to
                       eventually begin to develop a healing practice of your own. A place
                       that will attract people to come to you for your particular healing
                       qualities. All different healing practitioners have their own unique
                       flavor to their skill and the people that you can truly help will find 
                       their way to you.

                        Eventually you may find yourself ready to offer the Reiki training 
                        to others. You may feel a desire to do it or a desire to take your
                        Reiki experience further or you may start attracting people who
                        ask you if you can initiate them into Reiki, if they can be your 
                     students. Then you will be ready to become a Reiki teacher and 
                        you will seek out the Reiki Master training, through which you will
                        learn how to transmit the attunement process to others and all
                     the other necessary knowledge for teaching Reiki classes.