We take a day, a Reiki info day, sometimes make a picknick 

                              and go to the woods, and go over what Reiki is and how the 
                              Reiki experience can add to your life. We talk about the three 
                              levels, the attunement process, the difference in Reiki training
                              in Europe vs. the U.S., lineage, the Reiki Alliance, different 
                              kinds of Reiki and Reiki trainings, pricing, my background,
                              training and experience, certification, activation, Reiki as 
                              spiritual path and much more.

                              Reiki I  -  Shoden

                              Learning the foundation of Reiki, the process of just simply 
                              allowing healing energies to flow from the palms of your 
                              hands. Receiving four attunements that amplify your personal
                              inherent healing power and at least double it. Experiencing 
                              Reiki on oneself and using Reiki on others. Learning how to 
                              open the channel and getting out of the way and allowing 
                              the Reiki to flow freely. Learning many non - healing uses for
                              Reiki and when not to do Reiki. Connecting with individual 
                              spirit guides and healing angels through guided inner journeys
                              that will work with you and through you.

                              Reiki II  -  Okuden

                              Continuing to expand the Reiki channel with two attunements. 
                              Learning to work with these energies through space and time, 
                              work with past lives and activate intuition and clairvoyance.
                              Experiencing long distance Reiki sessions and sending Reiki
                              to the past and to the future. Receiving three Reiki symbols 
                              and learning how to use the symbols for many things; how
                              to put up protective fields in your home, change the weather, 
                              program crystals, and so much more.
                              Prerequisite:  Reiki I.

                              Advanced Reiki

                              The Advanced Reiki level is for those students who wish to
                              increase their Reiki ability and healing powers and do not have 
                              the desire to teach Reiki classes to others at this time. In this 
                              level you receive the Reiki Master attunement, which is a very
                              powerful initiation. We review the previous levels and talk
                              about working interdimensionally, and much more.

                              Prerequisite:  Reiki I and Reiki II.

                              Reiki Master / Teacher  -  Shinpiden

                              This level of the Reiki training is for the student who has begun
                              attracting others who seek to be initiated into the Reiki path
                              and who feel a desire to be of service by being able o offer
                              the Reiki training to others. The Reiki Master attunement is
                              given to the students who have not taken Advanced Reiki. 
                              All the symbols are shown and explained. We teach how to
                              attune students into each of the Reiki levels and explain how
                              the attunement process works. We offer suggestions to class
                              schedules and how to set up your own Reiki programs and
                              teaching structure.

                              Prerequisite:  Reiki I and Reiki II.